Jess Henshall

Jess is our Saturday girl and resident blogger at Archie Browns PZ. She is an avid foodie, writer and blogger on an ever changing journey to live a simple life, trying to exist in the moment and be more sustainable in her everyday approach.

Fliss Trenerry

Fliss is the Truro Manager and a long time Vegetarian, with a keen interest in children’s nutrition and is always on the lookout for exciting new food products for the shop.
Claire Ling

Clare Ling

Clare Ling is a Naturopathic, Nutritionist and reflexologist.she has come to us recently and we are so happy to have her in our Archie Browns family

Rachel Blomfield

Rachel is the Truro Manager and a trained Dr.Hauschka skin care consultant; she is the person to come to with any of your skin care needs. She makes sure we have great skincare and make up ranges in store.


Carly, is a keen cyclist and very health conscious. She has a keen eye for the latest trends in health food.
picture of Beth

Beth Leopold

Beth Leopold is our CNM Qualified Nutritionist. She works in our Truro shop. She is very lovely and will help you choose the right vitamins or supplements to help you feel good! Beth does most of the supplement product research to make sure we have the best products available

Ben Slater

Ben works in our Penzance shop. Ben is vegan and eats a raw diet so he really knows his stuff about making sure he gets all the nutrients needed to live a healthy lifestyle

Billy Trenerry

Billy is the Head Chef at Truro. He is the creative energy behind all our fantastic dishes served in our Truro cafe and deli.

Katy Noye

Katy is responsible for making sure the hampers come to you fresh and lovely. Also Katy is very interested in the proteins and is awlays looking for the best ones on the market.

Lesley Bradley-Peer

Lesley Works in our Penzance Shop. Lesley is very involved with the Transition Penwith, She is also very active working for women's charities. Also Lesly is a keen environmentalist.

Scott Parker

Scott is assistant chef and a keen vegan so is constantly experimenting with new dishes.
Picture of Jamie

Jamie Mills

Jamie works in the Truro Shop. He is really all about living a conscious life. He is a keen veg grower, and really interested in ensuring Archie's Cafe has some tasteful art on the walls. Jamie does a lot of the Archie Browns marketing. In fact Jamie does a bit of everything!

Gill Tawse

Gill is very knowledgeable about all things herbal and homeopathic, her main area of interest being Women’s health, she is currently studying to became qualified as a Naturopathic Nutritionalist.