Truro Cafe

Breakfast Menu

Served from 9-11am

Toasted sour dough bread topped with pan fried chestnut mushrooms, sage, edamame beans and pea shoots (v and g/f options) £5.95 

Toasted sour dough bread with crushed avocado, fried egg, salsa and rocket (g/f option) £5.95

Bircher muesli with chia seeds, grated apple, raisins, blueberries, yoghurt and cinnamon (wheat free / v option) £3.95 

Natural yoghurt with diced apple topped with granola (g/f and v options) £3.50 

Toasted banana, almond and cocoa bread topped with sliced bananas (d/f) £2.95

Toast and preserves (v and g/f options) £3.00

Lunch Menu

Served from 11.30-3.30pm 

Soup of the day served with bread (v and g/f options) £4.95

Soup of the day served with mixed salad (v and g/f options) £6.95

Mixed salad bowl (v and g/f option) £5.50

Homity pie served with mixed salad (spelt pastry, g/f option) £7.75/£8.25

Quiche of the day served with mixed salad (spelt pastry, g/f option) £8.00/£8.50

Beetroot and Quinoa Burger in a focaccia bun topped with Pickles and fermented chilli sauce served with rosemary and sea salt sweet potato wedges and frisee with a mustard and agave dressing (v and g/f option) £8.75

Malaysian coconut broth with butternut squash, roasted cauliflower, spring onion and boiled rice with seaweed garnish (v and g/f) £8.50

Black bean and cacao chilli served in a baked tortilla basket with avocado and tomato salad, jalapeno and coriander dressing and rice (v and g/f option) £8.75


Hummus (v and g/f) £1.75

Toasted pitta bread (v) £0.50

Marinated kalamata olives (v and g/f) £2.00

Roasted Goats cheese (g/f) £2.00

Kids Menu

Toasted pitta bread with hummus and sugar snap peas (v and g/f option) £3.75

Cup of soup and bread (v and g/f option) £3

Beetroot and quinoa burger with tomato ketchup and sweet potato wedges (v and g/f option) £4.95

Avocado, hummus and carrot focaccia sandwich (v) £4

v, g/f & d/f denotes vegan, gluten free & dairy free options where available.